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When you find water that’s entering your property via a problem on your roof and it’s damaging all the interior of your home you really start worrying and try to adopt the best solution.

Contact Pegasus Roofing as we can help you with immediate solutions before the problem increases.

Damage to roofs can be caused due to bad weather conditions, storm damage, hail storms, heavy rains etc and it can effect the stability of the entire structure of the house if prompt actions aren’t taken. First the repair is done to control the water flow. We have a team of roofing experts who can judge the cause of a damaged roof easily and adopt the right solution for best repair work. All of our workers are equipped with the latest tools and quality materials so that the roof is restored to a sound condition once again. Chimneys and leaking roof vents are often areas for water to seep in and can cause big problems if not corrected.

Roof Repair

Pegasus Roofing are specialists in :

  • Chimney repairs

  • Flat roof repairs/renewals

  • Storm/wind damage

  • Roofing cleaning/painting/sealing

  • Gutters and down pipes

  • Insurance improved Contractor

We can help you to eliminate any holes, deformation or de-lamination of coatings etc.

We specialize in all roofing work and our specialists are aware of the latest solutions and have extensive experience in protecting the property from further damage.

We can remove old roofs and can implement new styling for better protection.


Pegasus Roofing offer professional assessments, reports and quotations for complete peace of mind and assure that the work will be carried out to the highest standards while maintaining the basic guidelines, furthermore all of our work comes with a 20-year guarantee. Call or email Pegasus Roofing today for your free no obligation quote.